Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Interior Designers 2012

At the time, the fashion industry was just taking off and Tarar, realising the velocity of this opportunity, introduced designer furniture from renowned international brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo and Fendi. Now, two years into the business, with the last year spent in debilitating illness, which forced him to go in and out of hospitals, Tarar is back with some new and old pieces, as well as a direction for his brand that has crossed into set designing for fashion weeks and exclusive weddings.

Today, his five-storey den  that Tarrar used as his playing field  retains the signature white colour with sheer drapes and sofas that exude luxury in every way. In a dust-filled country like Pakistan, furniture remains in a pristine state through a herculean effort by Tarrar’s team. With his reinvention, Tarrar has moved on from drapes and is now introducing domes and unique glass pieces in his new line. Besides these pieces, gorgeous horse lamps are also making a kill with clients. His signature piano bar, constructed entirely from glass, the inclusion of leather benches at dinner tables, geometric square chairs and traditional imposing chests are definitely making in-roads this year.

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